Digital marketing jargon: People from Mars, speaking Mandarin. 


Not us.   



Digital marketing jargon: People from Mars, speaking Mandarin. 


Not us.   

Branding is not about jargon, media tactics or analytics.

Branding is about sharing your true story and vision.  You can learn more about our thinking here and here.



Brand Pulse

We check you. We make sure you know who you are and what you want to say allowing us to immediately innovate and transform your branding from blah to wow.

Market Footprint

We identify structural and cyclical changes in the market and plot how where company's messaging should live. We don't do generic, cluttered media strategy or placement. 

Strategic Narratives

We enhance your competitive advantage by telling your true story, not flashy or jargon-filled bullshit. 



The Forge

 Market opportunities are now spontaneous. Strategic action can shift overnight or in a milli-second. We forge multiple options and engage in responsive planning with you and keep the fire burning.   

Human Design

We understand that market forces  are built by dynamic humans.We map for success by cultivating a deep humanity with our clients. We live transparency, agility and joy. 


We improve strategy processes, break inertia, and jolt conventional thinking by introducing your firm to a new way of thinking about branding, business and strategy. 



Qf Identifies & Solves Key Strategic Imperatives:

What are your core values and how do they relate to internal & external priorities?

Which critical performance variables make sense for your firm?

How can we harness creative tension to quickly generate new action plans?

How can we manage strategic uncertainty and anticipate movement through the next 4 quarters?


To learn more about our strategic process, please download the following