Beware strategy devoid of tactics and logistics.



Beware strategy devoid of tactics and logistics.

We navigate with coherency. 

Qf  effectively arms the astute global brand/consumer/investor with coherency, and provide access to bespoke intelligent solutions and information sources. We enhance your ability to leverage technologies where they will have maximum impact, with low-touch, high resolution results. 


Client Leadership

We advise leadership on how to immediately innovate and transform the entire operation. We are mentors and  partners to our clients. 

Market Positioning

We identify structural versus cyclical changes in the external environment and plot how your company can best compete.

Strategic Imperatives

We identify and manage cross-functional capabilities that enhance competitive advantage.



Business Planning

 When market opportunities rapidly change - the scope for strategic action shifts. We stimulate the creation of multiple options and engage in responsive planning.  

Understanding Dynamism

We stimulate an understanding of the specific market forces that are truly dynamic, with multiple second, third, and fourth-order effects from which we can map for success. 

Action & Results

We improve overall strategy processes, break inertia, and jolt conventional thinking by introducing your firm to the partners and people that can source capital and innovation into the equation. 



Qf Identifies & Solves Key Strategic Imperatives:

What are your core values and how do they relate to internal & external priorities?

Which critical performance variables make sense for your firm?

How can we harness creative tension to quickly generate new action plans?

How can we manage strategic uncertainty and anticipate movement through the next 4 quarters?


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