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Louis D. Lo Praeste | Founder

Louis D. Lo Praeste is a published author, former global marketing strategist, management consultant and investment advisor.  He was named #8  in the world by LinkedIn for Management and Culture advice in 2015. 

For the last decade, Louis served as a senior global marketing strategist at Omnicom, Dentsu-Aegis, and the Interpublic Group of Companies and was instrumental in developing some of the earliest agency forays into digital/social marketing and analytics. He founded his startup, Quodfatum, in 2011 for theoretical research on the role of predictive analytics in analyzing global macro stability. His platform was vetted by DARPA and Lockheed Martin before he structured a successful exit from the project.

Louis transitioned to management consulting full-time in 2013. He now advises entrepreneurs and executives on structural and developmental issues, fundraising, and strategic partnerships. He is a highly effective leader adept at managing sophisticated ventures, complex communications, and team-building. His clients include philanthropies, investment funds, private equity and family offices, entrepreneurs and government agencies. He is widely regarded as a strategic innovator and go-to interim executive. 

Dubbed the "Jackson Pollock of contemporary contextual intelligence" for his critical analysis of politics, economics, and culture, he is considered a prolific thought leader and engaging speaker. Louis was named a LinkedIn “Top Voice” for Management and Culture in 2015 and is a contributor to the New York Insitute for Finance, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, and various other publications and venues. His first novel "Capernaum" was released in July 2016, and a collection of essays on political economy entitled 'Vague Apocalyptica' was released in May, 2017.





Senior Partners

Brian Dickinson

CyberSecurity | DOD Acquisitions | Global Security

Brian “Bubba” Dickinson is a retiring United States Air Force Colonel.  In his service of defense of the nation Brian has committed himself to defending and helping those who are unable to do so themselves. Brian’s distinguished military career and volunteerism characterize his passion for service and sacrifice. His primary role in the Air Force has been that of a U-2 spy plane pilot and unit commander, including more than a decade as an instructor. Brian holds a Masters Certificate in Program Management from Villanova University, a Masters of Human Relations from Oklahoma University, and is a graduate of the National Defense University’s Executive Leadership Course.

In his most current role, Brian worked in the National Security Agency for United States Cyber Command.  There he led a 75-person division in development & coordination of Department of Defense Information Network operations threat defense, information assurance, and security requirements.  He also led the development of Department of Defense cyber infrastructure, accesses, and payloads to conduct network and cryptologic warfare at the national level.

Additional roles and leadership successes include 110,000 person, multi-functional organizations, $10.2 billion dollar budgets, and geographic responsibility of 1.2 million square nautical miles.

Brian is passionate about unlocking the value and potential of people through mentoring and teaching. He is an empathetic, strong, and highly engaged leader who connects with people. An innovator, adaptable to any environment, who develops extraordinarily effective individuals and high-performance teams. He is committed to mentoring people and teams to reach their full potential. Brian’s ideas & strategies enable people to leverage all their resources to achieve victory; professionally and personally. As a mentor, he design hard goals & challenges, to test the limits of team and individual abilities and performance.


Kellee Franklin

Global Strategy | Technology Consulting, Leadership Development | Healthcare Innovation

Kellee Franklin is passionate about big ideas and disrupting the status quo. She has helped numerous clients across industries dream more, think differently, drive change, and produce better business outcomes through her creative consulting approaches. Kellee was a strategic innovation advisor with Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC and Seattle where she integrated the use of business intelligence, data analytics and visualization, and design-and-systems thinking to facilitate transformation for senior level executives in the public and private sectors. She was instrumental in expanding the footprint in the Pacific Northwest within the core market areas of Global Health, Global Security, Aerospace/Defense, and Cyber Security/Information Technology before launching her own consulting practice. After her own battle with breast cancer in 2013, Kellee has become a recognized advocate for health systems innovation, patient-centered engagement, and precision medicine. She is currently as an advisory panel board member with Cambia Grove, a healthcare-focused HUB for innovators, in Seattle.

Kellee is a sought-after public speaker and she has served as a member of a TEDx salon speaker selection committee. She has been a scholarship recipient to the Wisdom 2.0 conferences for her entrepreneurial work in mindful business. Kellee has used her adult learning expertise to redesign classroom experiences for graduate and executive-level education programs in the United States, including at Seattle University and the University of Washington, and Thailand. She is an advisory board member at Seattle University's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, a conscious business mentor with Fledge at the Seattle-HUB, and a start-up business coach with Social Venture Partners. Kellee enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling to new places, watching sports, taking in an Indie film, and solving the world's problems over a good meal.